Main Topics

1-Quality managment in the laboratory.

2-Oncology updates.

3-Towards a nation free from hepatitis.

4-infection control in the laboratory.

5-Anemia a national challenge.

6-New trends in immunological diagnosis.

7-Egyptian laboratory standards.

8-improving transfusion services.

9-Recent advances in renal diseases.



-Ahmed Gaballah ( Zagazek University )

-Moustafa Rizk ( Alex University )

-Tarek Taha ( Head of Immunology Allergy & Tissue

Typing Department in Armed Forces Central Lab )

-Nermin Hosam ( Alex University )

-Ragaa Abd El Kader ( Research medical institute )

-Shady Fadel ( Alex University )

-Mona Tahoon ( Alex University )

-Hala Farawela ( Cairo university )

-Ehab Abd El Aaty ( Alex University )

-Emam waked ( National Liver institute )

-Gehan khalil ( Research medical institute )

-Hesham El Khayyat (Theodor Bilhars )

-Heba ( Asyot University )

-Hesham El Feshawy ( Ministry Of Health )

-Suzan El Fekyt ( Alex University )

-Akram Deghedy ( Alex University )

-Mohamed Abd El Rahman ( Military Medical Academy )



Scientific Sessions

The Concept Of Traceability In Laboratory Medicine

A Tool For Standardisation.

-Key performance indicators.

-Personalized Medicine.

-Tell me about your waste.

-Hepatocellular carcinome.

-Markers of Colorectal carcinome.


-Hepatitis and pregnancy.

-Outcome of population screening to eliminate

hepatitis C in Egypt.

-HCV in pregnancy: Opportunities and challenges.

-New Corona virus.

-Needle stick injury and safe injection.

-Emergency in anemia.

-New diagnostic tools in Iron Defeciency anemia

-Transplantation Secrets.

-Laboratory diagnosis of autoimmune disease.

-Red cell storage and clinical outcoms : New insights.

-Role of Clinical Laboratory in the assessment of

Chronic Kidney Disease.

-The Urinary Proteomic A Tool To Discover New And

Potent Biomarkers For Kidney Damage

-Acute Kidney Injury : a Laboratory Challenge




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