Exhibition Field

• Egylab-medicine

All medical equipments, disposables, devices and supplies for Laboratories


• All medical equipments and supplies

for hospitals & clinics use

- All medical equipments, devices,

  disposables and supplies for Radiology

- Gynecology & Obstetrics

- IVF Care

- Ophthalmology

- Cardiology Clinics.

- Orthopedic

- Pediatrics

- Cardiothoracic Surgery

- Endoscope


• Compensatory devices and special needs

 (Prostheses, orthotic devices, physiotherapy devices, gym and sports, wheel chair, adult diapers, etc…)


• Hospital Services, marketing

(life insurance, one day surgery center, hair transplant center, private hospitals,ozone therapy, obesity & thinness centers, health care providers).


• Egydental

For Dental Equipments & Supplies


• Made in Egypt

For all Egyptian medical industries

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